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The device you are reading this post on was probably manufactured or assembled in China. It might have been designed in California or Seoul, components may well have come from a variety of sources, but a Chinese factory brought it all together, tested it and put it inside the pretty packaging.

What if the device was designed in China, sold by a well respected innovative Chinese brand, with excellent marketing, with loads of value added features, at a far lower price than you currently pay? Would you buy it?

Before you answer, have a read of this article over at China Daily.

A bold move from ZTE. A smart one as well.

I have long been of the opinion that Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers need to focus on their branding and the marketing of same to take further market share from the likes of Apple, Samsung etc. They already know how to make great products at hard to beat prices.

Back to my earlier question “would you buy it?” – perhaps a better question is “why wouldn’t you buy it?”.