Improving Businesses, Differently


Do you want to know what is really going on with your business?


Do you want to know quickly and easily how to improve performance?


If the answer is YES, we think you are going to love Consulti.


Consulti has been designed and developed to help clients improve the performance of their business.


With this solution we provide leading edge consultancy, fresh ideas and cloud based business improvement and intelligence. Consulti’s philosophy of elegant simplicity and clarity enhances our ability to tell you what is important about your business. You can see it all within Consulti, neatly laid out on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even better, the data itself is updated in realtime. So that’s another excellent reason for checking Consulti every day (or hour).

Improving businesses and organisations is fun, challenging and very rewarding and we want and expect our clients to outperform their competitors and the market.



From the moment you experience the clarity of the dashboard, bringing to your attention what needs to be done, you know you are going on a very different sort of journey.


We started with the user experience – what  leaders and managers need – and then worked backwards, adding the right mix of features and functionality to satisfy that need.

Our solution has been built by some of the industries smartest  business improvement consultants and developers on stable systems that come together to create an amazing user experience. Designed to be easy-to-use, everything at Consulti is built with the customer in mind.

We do not want our customers to have to think about anything other than improving their business in a smart and effective way. We believe you’ll be impressed with the analysis you get back from us. So impressed in fact that you’ll be more than eager to make sure everyone in your organisation knows about it immediately – you can do just that with Consulti Social, a social networking solution, embedded with the Consulti platform.

Business improvement has never been so much fun !


Data is very important to us. Without reliable, secure data we would not have a business.


The Consulti solution is fully managed and hosted in our technology partner’s servers. Our partner has been doing this since 1997, with over 1500 servers and state-of-the-art data centres supporting Consulti, so that our network never skips a beat.

The network is backed by a 100% uptime guarantee policy and there is around-the-clock (24×7) access to expert technical support representatives.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an instant insight into how your business was performing?


Consulti is like having your own in-house business improvement team, armed with the latest management approaches, constantly monitoring, suggesting and implementing.

Managing a business isn’t always the easiest task in the world. Rather than wading through endless reams of charts, diagrams, figures and tables, why not let us do the hard work for you? We’ll figure out exactly what needs your attention, so you can do just that – give it your attention. Finding time during the day to devote to the vital task of improving your business is a lot harder than it should be, so we help you focus.

When we designed Consulti, we asked ourselves a number of questions:

  • “How can we make it easier for leaders and managers to improve their organisations quickly”
  • “How can we transform improvement from being thought of as a’special project’ to part of the ‘day job’ – something that is seen as a standard component of any organisations operating system”
  • “Why is management consultancy and business performance improvement so expensive , how can we change the revenue model and remove barriers that are stopping business improvement from embedding itself deeply in the operating systems of organisations”

We believe that Consulti provides answers to the above questions and plenty more. Consulti ‘learns’ so as the demands of industry and society as a whole change, it can change with it. As new improvement approaches are developed and implemented, they become part of the solution.

As we work together to identify areas of improvement potential, our goals are aligned in that we only succeed if we help you succeed.


We are in this for the long term.


We want Consulti to become part of your business operating system, helping you become better at what you do, turning your improvement hopes into expectations.

Every year will bring new challenges. Consulti, with its unique cloud based improvement approach – that learns and improves – will ensure that you are well equipped for the journey ahead.

We are convinced that organisations who invest wisely in improving themselves, will outperform their competitors and build better relationships with their customers.