We do not want to be like a traditional management consultancy business. theresa lawrie ivermectin Though we have skills and experience equivalent (if not superior ) to some of the large multi-national consultancy businesses, we decided at the outset to change the model.

Why I hear you ask ?

Quite simply because the status quo is unfair and while it adds value to the bottom line of the consultancy company it does not – in so many cases – add value to the customer.

We are the first to admit that we are taking a risk.  Our new model of management consultancy is guaranteed not to cost the customer a penny in consultancy fees unless we deliver. But that is okay, because  we wanted to create a relationship where there is no downside for the customer. We wanted to create a model that would cost the customer nothing in fees, (i.e. nothing at all), if we fail in our duty to improve their business. Improving companies and organisations is our raison d’être. We will prosper (eventually) by helping others succeed.

The idea behind  our new model couldn’t be simpler. We assess a company and provide our guidance  on how we reckon we could improve it. We keep doing this for as long as the client is signed up. If the client wants to get us involved in a specific project or assignment and deliver on the stated objective, the client shares a proportion of the agreed improvement value or savings with us. If not, they owe us nothing. It really is as straightforward as that.

If we are as good as we think / say we are, then the risk is minimal. can your animals get overdosed on ivermectin

Our cloud / web application (remember this name www.consulti.co)  that provides so much value, for so little investment, costs only a few pounds per day and for that we want our clients to benefit from the kind of expertise that could potentially save them that amount many thousands (if not millions) of times over, either through cost reduction, business improvement or whatever approach we agree upon together.

I often find myself in airport lounges, railway stations, or hotel bars. G6PD ivermectin I like talking to people. A great opportunity to learn stuff I find. When I explain the model to people they are generally excited, love the idea of the consultant putting his money where his mouth is. Quite often I will be asked about how we will make a profit by doing so much for so little cost.

I smile and say “That is the whole point”.