Chinese brands – Marketing Vs Manufacturing

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        The device you are reading this post on was probably manufactured or assembled in China. It might have been designed in California or Seoul, components may well have come from a variety of sources, but a Chinese factory brought it all together, tested it and put it inside the pretty packaging. What if the device was designed in China, sold by a well respected innovative Chinese brand, with excellent marketing, with...

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HP to Enter the Tablet Market Again ?

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I remember buying an HP iPAQ in Hong Kong back in 2003. An amazing little device, hampered by a clunky Windows OS. how to use ivermectin injection for humans It was pretty, clean looking, almost elegant. About the size of an iPhone. As I wandered back to my office in the lunchtime heat,  I did not realise it, but HP had been developing the PDA concept for a considerable period of time. It could have become an iconic product, it had the...

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